Here’s why You Can Look at Counseling

There are various types of people in this world, each holding a different type of personality and traits. And because of our difference in personality and characteristics we cannot always trust everyone let it be someone who dressed up in a suit and promised to save your marriage from disaster. Marriage counselling is a very common profession these days and the divorce rate has increased over the years that some people chose to pursue the profession of a counsellor. What if the person whom you have chosen to save your marriage turns out to be a serial killer.

There are people in this world having crooked sense about this world and their perception is not healthy. Some people hang out at the bar together with their friends, smoke and drink while forgetting the busy workload and pressure returning to their sweet small comfortable abode at the end of the day to find solitude and happiness. Some decides to get involved into their hobby which keeps them busy while distracting them from the unwanted thoughts.

MEISTER-Counseling says that there are a few handful ones who like to kill people and that is the only way they manage to keep their minds sane and functional. There was a serial killer long ago who was also a marriage counsellor. He targeted the single female ladies who were vulnerable and could easily get deceived.

The serial killer was charged with 52 murders in total and police found 4 women locked under his basement. According to the investigators, the killer started his spree since his childhood. The serial killer was deeply affected psychologically after his parents separated and was continuously tortured by his stepmother resulting in severe psychotic damage that turned him into a ferocious monster.